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Serving the community by providing superior educators and connecting people with opportunity.

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Go Grow Learn has a foundational belief in diversity and inclusion. We know that diverse people move education forward, and we are here to serve the community by providing superior educators and connecting people with opportunities.

Our Story

A simple concept with a simple mission: Go Grow Learn. Founded by Heather Elias, a mother of four, wife, renowned educator, influencer, and female business leader. 


As a lifelong member of Girl Scouts of the USA, Heather is forever grateful for the numerous scouting experiences that she believes prepared her for a lifetime of leadership. Heather has always viewed Juliette Gordon Low as a heroine and believes that her experience as a Girl Scout prepared her to meet the modern challenges as a mom with courage, confidence, and character. Heather is a recipient of the prestigious Girl Scout Gold Award. 


After leaving high school, Heather attended Arizona State University, where she earned her bachelor's degree in communication and a master's degree in elementary education. Heather's desire to further her education and help others led her on the path to earning her Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University. Heather holds a valid Arizona standard professional elementary K-8 teaching certificate with approved areas in middle grades mathematics 6-8 and SEI PreK-12 and a valid fingerprint clearance card. 


Heather's experience includes:

  • Working as a successful executive in higher education.

  • Teaching preschool-8th grade in Arizona public and private schools.

  • Substitute teaching.

  • Private tutoring.

  • AVID tutoring.

  • Dyslexia tutoring.

  • Visual and performing arts enrichment classes.

  • Youth group programming.

  • Extensive local and international volunteer work with Girl Scouts of the USA.


After working as a certified teacher and corporate executive, Heather took a break from the business world to spend quality time with her children. While growing up, Heather's had a loving, rewarding, and community-orientated childhood based on old-fashioned family values. The concept of Go Grow Learn was born while Heather was engaging, teaching, exploring, and playing with her children. Using her experience as a business leader combined with her experience as a master educator, Heather has turned her dream into a reality. 


Go Grow Learn has grown from a small home concept into a leading provider of tutoring services, career development coaching, and full-service recruiting. Go Grow Learn is committed to delivering top-quality educational programs and customized creative experiences. Our goal is to allow our students to grow and learn with us and help them integrate into the career they choose by providing our students with guidance, coaching, mentorship, and job placement. Our clients are our students, and we believe that learning can start at any age and should be available to everyone regardless of social status. Our connection with people and our desire to see each individual succeed has led us to develop this unique concept that integrates learning, career development, and job opportunities.