Speech Therapy

Go Grow Learn offers our students an exceptional online speech therapy experience. Our speech therapy solutions are suitable for both K-12 education and adults. Our team of highly trained speech-language pathologists (SLPs) provide all the required services live and online through a fully-secure, HIPAA-compliant platform. The quality of our online therapy is the same as in-person — and delivered with a high degree of effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility. 

Online Teacher

Go Grow Learn is transforming speech therapy by combining virtual therapy with personalized support and education to improve the quality of care. As a technology-centric company focused on enabling excellent speech therapy services by pushing the boundaries of technology. When a clients start with Go Grow Learn, the therapist will evaluate needs and preferences and recommend a treatment plan. Our therapists create a customized program to help our clients achieve goals most effectively and enjoyably!

We know that great care starts with selecting the best providers. At Go Grow Learn we are committed to quality and unlike other providers, we never “contract out” speech therapists - our entire therapy staff is W2 employees. This allows us to control our clients' experience by hiring the “best of the best,” bringing on world-class therapists with years of clinical experience.